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How To Clean Soot Off Brick

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How To Clean Soot Off Brick: The best way to clean soot off brick is with a mixture of water and dish soap. Fill the bucket or sink half-way with warm water, then add 2 tablespoons of liquid detergent in it. Mix well until all the soap has dissolved completely into the solution before adding more cold tap water to fill up your bucket or sink halfway again.

Next, pour some white vinegar over top from one side of your vessel while swirling around on its surface for about 20 seconds at most; this will help draw out any remaining dirt particles that may be present in there as well as make sure you’re using an appropriate amount for cleaning purposes (as much as 1/2 cup).

Now take a rag and dip it into the solution inside your container without wringing out too hard—just enough so that when you pull it back out, only dampness remains on its surface—and rub across every section of brick within reach; use circular motions if necessary but avoid going over areas already cleaned by rinsing them down first under running hot tapwater.

What you need to know before you begin to clean soot off brick    

Fireplaces are the point of interest in the room where it is placed. All owners want to have a clean and good-looking fireplace. A lot of people think keeping the fireplace clean is a hard job. Cleaning up the fireplace 2-4 times a week can make it look fresh and beautiful. We’ve researched the best ways to clean up the soot of the bricks. Here are some tips on how to keep the fireplace looking fantastic.

How to clear out ashes and debris?

To start cleaning up the fireplace make sure that it is cold. There are two ways to clean the ashes. The first one is vacuuming and the second way you can do it is by sweeping the ashes. Try to remove the ashes as much as possible.

How to clean the fireplace:

How to Keep Your Fireplace Clean and Safe

How to clean a brick around the fireplace

How to clean the inside of a brick fireplace

Put some kind of waterproof material in front of the fireplace to keep it dry, and not to damage the floor. Get the bricks wet before applying the cleaning supplement or cleaning paste. Applying water before the supplements makes the cleaning process easier. When the cleaning ingredient is applied, wait 5-10 minutes, and then start scrubbing.

There are a lot of cleaners out on the market, but of course, you can make one yourself. You can use vinegar or dishwashing cleaner mixed with water, it works as fine as the ones on the market. You also can look up what cleaners you can mix together, and use them for better results.

If you mix cleaners make sure that they can be combined, so they don’t produce toxic fumes. Always wear protective gloves and a mask for your own safety. After you are happy with the results, wash the cleaner from the fireplace.

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How to clean the inside of a fireplace with fake brick

Cleaning fake bricks can be more difficult than real ones. Of course, you follow the same steps as real ones, but it’s more time-consuming. To prevent that, after you clean up the fake bricks, and they are dry, apply some special oil that you can find on the market. The oil creates a protective layer that helps you with cleaning next time.

What household cleaners to use to clean soot from a brick fireplace

How To Clean Soot Off Brick

As we said, we can use a homemade cleaning supply. Here are some recipes for  brick cleaner:

  • Mix ½  dishwashing soap, put it in a 1000ml spray bottle, and add water to the top. The soap dissolves the ash stains easily. After you’ve sprayed and scrubbed the brick, rinse it with water. The result is a clean and fresh-looking fireplace.
  • Vinegar is the most popular ingredient in homemade cleaners. Using vinegar helps with removing stains. Mix one-half vinegar and one-half water. Scrub it really well and the results will shock you.
  • Mix  2 tablespoons of baking soda, add the juice of half lemon, and 4 cups of hot water. This mixture is strong and with a nice scrubbing brush can remove any kind of stains, and dirt.

How to clean a brick fireplace with rubbing bubbles

Rubbing bubbles is a foam that helps with cleaning up the soot from the fireplace. After you spray rubbing bubbles, you need to leave the foam for at least 25 minutes, then wipe it down. You will see magical results, not only after applied to the bricks but on the glass door too.

How to clean the soot off the fireplace:

Cleaning Soot Off of Fireplace Bricks. Part of the series: Fireplace Maintenance. When cleaning soot off of fireplace bricks, you'll need a shovel, a small broom and some type of non-combustible pail.

Finding the right way to clean can be found as we try different methods. Using DIY cleaners or this available on the market is a personal choice. We hope that this post was helpful to you. Keep your home and fireplace clean and good-looking.

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