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Remove Hair From Carpet – Cleaning Hacks 101

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Remove pet hairs from the carpet

Removing pet hairs from carpet might look a difficult task for every home-owner, however in this article you will find quick and easy ways to remove pet hair from carpet cleaning hacks – check the 101 cleaning hacks below. Enjoy the reading!

Easy ways to keep your carpet clean and remove pet hairs, stains, etc.

Keeping our homes clean is the number one priority. From cleaning the dust, the rooms, and the furniture. The hardest part for a household is to keep your carpets clean. Hair stuck in the carpet or stains is tough to clean. There are a thousand tips on the internet that are not all so effective. Some of these tips can be harmful, not only to sensitive carpet fabrics. They can include some toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to us and our loved ones. That’s why we found the best and not risky methods to keep them clean and our family and pets safe.

Have you ever wondered how to remove pet hair from carpet – cleaning hacks?

Having pets is the best thing in the world. Our four-legged friends are adorable, but they can be very messy. Their hair-fall can be hard to clean. Human hair also falls and makes our carpets far away from fresh and clean. It is almost impossible to remove, no matter how many times you try. Buying a professional carpet cleaning machine can be quite pricey, but some of our tips can help you. 

Here are some ways that may work for you:

Cleaning with a vacuum is the most popular option you have. Tangled hairs may cause problems with the effective usage of the vacuum. Here are some ways to

  • Changing the attachment for the vacuum cleaner can be helpful in that situation ;
  • Cleaning up the bigger pieces of hair by hand ;
  • Regular cleaning of the vacuum bags and brush ;
  • Using a mix of water and fabric softener and spray it on the carpets ;
  • Put baking soda on the carpet, wait 20 minutes, and vacuum. Helps with keeping the carpets clean and fre

Preventive Measures

The most effective thing to keep the carpets clean is to prevent hair from getting stuck in them. Our tips will help you and they will make cleaning up a lot easier. Here are the best tips :

  • Grooming your pets regularly, helps the hair to fall a lot less than normal. If you can’t groom them yourself, try to get them to the salon at least once a month ;
  • Bathing your pets can remove the excess hair. With the right products, you can prevent  hair fall off your pet ;
  • Health problems can cause a pet’s coat to shed, that’s why you need to make sure that you see the vet often. Walking and exercising your pet helps them stay healthy and happy ;
  • Add oils and minerals to your pet’s diet to help their fur to stay healthy ;

Tips to prevent human hair from falling and sticking on the carpets:

  • Use a comb for your hair instead of brushes. Combing your hair is more gentle than brushing. Your hair will be healthier and hair fall will be at the lowest level ;
  • Put your hair in a ponytail or braid while you are at home to reduce hair getting into the carpets ;
  • Use high-quality products for hair care to prevent hair loss ;

How to Keep Hair from Getting Into Carpet: 3 Simple Tips

  • Tip № 1 is to use a sticky lint roller. They are inexpensive and easy to use. They can be used by adults and kids around the house.  Using them every day on carpets and furniture can help clean the hairs out.
  • Tip № 2 is to use dampened rubber gloves. Then use your hands to collect the hairs from the surface they have been stuck to.
  • Tip № 3 is to try to use a carpet rake before vacuuming. Collecting the hairs with the rake will make vacuum-cleaning a hundred times easier.

You can try balloons, double-sided tapes, and etc. The mission is to find the best way that works for you.

Remove pet hair from carpet cleaning hacks – Easy to try

We’ve discovered the most helpful videos for cleaning dog fur from carpets and your home. In these videos, you will find the right tips, techniques, and tools.

Here are our Top 5 useful videos to help you deal with a dog coat stuck in your carpet:

1.Step by Step guide for cleaning dog hair out of carpets.

2.Quick and easy tutorial on how to use a vacuum cleaner and rake to clean your carpets perfectly.

3.Tutorial on how to use rubber brooms on different surfaces, and clean up fallen fur and hairs.

4.Review Norwex Rubber Broom and the benefits from it.

5.Review and test of  Multi-purpose rubber broom.

You can find different devices in your local cleaning tools store. It’s really up to you and what you find handy for keeping your home spotless.

Do’s and Don’ts to keep your carpets fresh and remove stains

As we’ve said, hairs are not the only problem that we need to solve. Stains can be annoying and hard to get rid of. We can find different anti-stain supplies, but some of them don’t do their job. Coffee, red wine, colored drinks are just a few hardest to remove stains. But can we find a solution to the problem with things we already have at home? Well at least we can try. We’ve done the research for you, with do and don’t while trying to remove a stain from your carpet. 

First let’s talk about  the “Don’ts”:


  • Don’t rub the carpet stains. It damages the fabric,and you can make the stains even bigger;
  • Don’t overuse stain removers. Over usage can fade the colors of the carpet and ruin it;
  • Don’t cover the wet stain with furniture. The chance of having a bigger stain after this step is high;
  • Don’t use bleach and harsh chemicals to avoid the chance of destroying the carpet;
  • Don’t shut one eye to spots and damage. This can make the carpet even harder to repair afterward;

 And now a few “ Do’s” to have clean, fresh, and new looking carpets:


  • Vacuum every day or every two days to keep the carpets fresh ;
  • Use the amount of cleaning agents the packaging says when need it ;
  • Try removing the stains as soon as possible to prevent deeper staining ;
  • At least once a year let the carpets be washed by a professional carpet washer ;
  • Call a professional to clean deep heavy stains or to give you advice on how to get rid of the stain ;

It’s important to know what can cause stains. Trying to keep away from the carpet things like polishes,dye or any colored substance is a great idea not only that some of these things can cause stains, but they also can chemically burn the fabric of the carpet leaving it ugly, and rough looking. We highly recommend using certified supplies when needed, and not to experiment with substances that can cause damage to you or your carpets.

List of videos,that may be useful:

How to create homemade stain remover:

How often do you need to clean your carpets and why:

How to clean carpets when you have pets?

Carpet cleaning motivation:

In the end, we can all agree that it can be hard to find a balance between work, family, and pets. But keeping your home clean for your loved ones is absolutely one of the most important things. We really hope to find our tips helpful and to make your cleaning experience more fun, easy and productive.

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