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Stair Carpet Runner Ideas: How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive With a Simple Carpet

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stair carpet runner idea

What is a stair carpet runner?

A stair carpet runner is a strip of carpeting that is placed on the stairs to cover the space between each step. Some people refer to it as a “runner”. In the nineteenth century, when people began to use rugs in their homes, stair carpet runners became popular.

stair carpet runner ideas

Beautiful gray and white patterned stair carpet runner:

The Benefits of Carpet Runners for Stairs:

There are many benefits to using carpet runners for stairs. Stair carpets look great and they’re also functional. They keep your steps clean which is especially important if you have children or pets. You can find them in many different patterns or you can opt for a solid color to coordinate with the rest of your house décor. Carpet runners are easy to install. All you need is some scissors, measuring tape, and an iron. Just measure the length of each stair and cut the carpet runner accordingly. Then unroll it across all of the stairs and iron each end to prevent fraying. Once the carpet runner is in place, it will stay put thanks to static electricity! 

This high-quality gray stair carpet runner will look awesome in your home if you have a white or black color palette:

The 3 Different Types of Carpet Runners

Although the term “carpet runner” may sound a little old-fashioned, it’s a great way to add a stylish touch to your home. There are a few different types of carpet runners you can choose from, each with its look and feel. One type of carpet runner is the traditional fold out style. This type of carpet runner typically starts at the top of the stairs and extends down to the bottom. It creates a long ribbon-like design that looks great in any area—especially when paired with another decor that has a similar shape. Another option for your home is an accordion runner.

This type of runner can be installed by making a series of small loops folded over one another. The loops create an alternating pattern that makes for an interesting design element in any room or hallway. The third type of carpet runner is called tassel fringe runner. These are typically installed by using tassels on either side of the steps so they dangle down as you walk down them. Tassels are often made out of fabric, but you could also use tassel fringe if you want something more modern-looking.

The Best Stair Carpet Runner Ideas You Can Get From The Internet:

The best way to look for inspiration for stair carpet runners is on Pinterest or other sources. Here are some of the best stair carpet runner ideas that you can find:

Red-colored stair carpet runners are great if your stairs are made from dark wood. These two colors complement each other, creating a stylish look for your home:

Measuring of designer stair carpet runner: 

Black and white striped stair carpets are an incredible idea for building your dream modern home:

Emerald color is one of the colors we connect to royal looks. They are great for vintage or victorian homes:

Custom-made runners review:

Get royal look with red stair carpet runner idea:

Black and white strips for clean modern look:

This fish pattern blue stair carpet is great option to add color in your home:

Red stair carpet with ornaments is amazing way to achieve that eastern european home look:

As we’ve already known, this patterned carpet is the best way to create a modern-looking staircase. The yellow lines give even more of a stylish look to your home:

Zigzag patterns are a fun way to give more movement to your home’s design:

This green colored staircase carpet with pantera print is for people that love that eye-catching designs:

Multi-color stair carpet runners for our favorite retro look:

We can’t move on without the leopard print. This style is loved by many if you are one of them that’s the best stair carpet for you:

Stylish gray and beige stair runner, for that great home look:

All green stair runners can help you create a classic and timeless design:

Colorfully designed carpet to bring happiness to your home:

Geometric black and white designed carpet runner:

Squared patterned stair carpet:

Black&White stair carpet look for victorian style home:

This carpet runner will look incredible in farm style homes:

Red classic stair runner look perfect for that white staircase:

Magical look with colourful stripe designed stair carpet runner idea:

Zebra pattern is one of the most wanted designs for stair carpets, because they always look amazing:

Stair carpet runner in classical beige and black:

Green and blue design to help you bring color and joy in your home:

Fabulous carpet runner for farm house:

Checkered brown carpet runners are another classical piece for your modern home:

Clean gray and white design of stair carpet runner ideas:

Coral carpet runner is will look perfect in beach homes:

The timeless design:

Beautiful grey and white stair runner with embroidery :

DIY carpet runner for stairs:

There are a lot of stair carpet runner ideas out there. Here are a few DIY projects for you:

DIY carpet runners – Easy and Cheap:

How to install stair carpet runners: 

Easy installation of stair carpets : 

How to install stair carpet runner on pie shaped stairs: 

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