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How to Clean a Cell Phone: 5+ Secret Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Looking New

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There’s nothing worse than seeing your smartphone covered in dust, dirt, and debris. This article is about how to clean a cell phone, read and try the tips.

You don’t want your smartphone to become a dusty, dirty mess, do you? Luckily, there is a secret to keeping it clean. A quick cleaning with a rag or wet paper towel can help prevent bacteria and mold from building up on the device. Additionally, wiping down your phone will help keep it looking new and shiny. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we use our phones outside of the home and also inside of it. With that in mind, caring for your phone is key to keeping it looking new and like new. Here are some ways to keep your phone clean and looking brand new.

Cleaning Your Mobile Phone: How To Clean A Cell Phone In A Few Simple Steps

You might be interested in ways to clean a smartphone or other devices that need more specific techniques and tips to be used during the cleaning process. That’s why we created this helpful article where you will find so many practical tips and know-how.

What You Need to Know: Screen Cleaning in Few Steps

For the most part, a lot of people tend to forget how often they’re supposed to clean their smartphones. Our phones are one of the most contaminated we use daily. It is important to clean them up because they can be the home of a million bacteria that can seriously harm you. Your touchscreen is the hardest part of your phone to keep clean. You don’t want to put too much pressure on the touchscreen, because that can damage the screen.

To remove dust and dirt, first, use a soft brush to wipe it down. The difference between using a screen cleaner and a damp cloth is subtle, but you need to choose the most delicate cloth for your smart device. Additionally, you can use a cotton stick to get the remaining debris. Make sure you’re not wiping down too hard, as it could scratch the display.

To keep the smartphone clean, put it in the front pocket, right over your heart. Your phone will not get dirty again if it’s in the front pocket. If you need to clean it, just get it out of the front pocket and dry it off before you go to work. After the initial drying, this should keep it clean for the rest of the day. This works for any type of phone, from an iPhone to an Android.

How to Clean Up Your Smartphone Screen Correctly :

Methods and Gadgets to Clean Your Cell Phone Screen, and Keep it Looking Fresh 

Screen Cleaning Tape

The screening tape is a gadget that can be used to clean the screen, and to prevent future dusting.The tape is used as a cleaner and protector to your smart device screen.

Screen Cleaning Sponge

Sponges are usually made from plastic. Screening sponges can be harmful to some parts of your mobile phone. If a tiny piece of plastic from the sponge is stuck into the speakers or microphone hole, it can damage it.

Screen Cleaning Towels

The most common screen cleaner is the towel. Screen cleaning towels are made of microfiber. These types of towels are gentle to the screen and make cleaning easier.

Clean Cell Phone Screen with Isopropyl Alcohol

One of the best methods to clean your screen is a mixture of isopropyl alcohol. In a spray bottle, mix 2/3 water and 1/3 isopropyl alcohol, and shake it well. Spay and clean it up with a microfiber towel.


How to  make your own cleaning spray:

Antibacterial Wipes To Clean You Cell Phone With

If you choose to use antibacterial wipes, make sure that they are meant to be used on a smartphone screen to prevent damage.

Liquid Screen Protector and Cleaner

Liquid glass screen protectors are invisible nano- liquid that creates a protective coat to your screen. This nano-liquid hardens and helps with overall phone protection. With proper care, the coating can last between 9 months and 3 years. After installation, the liquid glass cannot be removed. If you are looking for protection from bumps and scratches, liquid glass protectors are not the best option. Try tempered glass instead. 

Ultra Screen Cleaning Kit:

How to Clean a Cell Phone: 5+ Secret Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Looking New

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