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How To Remove Dog Hair From Carpet In Car: Simple And Easy Ways

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How To Remove Dog Hair From Carpet In Car: Simple And Easy Ways

If you have a dog, you know the struggle to remove their hair from your home.

While there are many ways to remove pet hair, this article will be about how to remove dog hair from carpet in the car. The best way to prevent any buildup of hairs is by vacuuming your car . Most people don’t realize that dog hair can end up all over your car. It’s not the hair, it’s also the smell. If your carpets are already looking a little dirty, then dog hair will only make it worse. The good news is there are ways to remove dog hair from the carpet in your car without any chemicals.Here are some of the best ways to keep your car clean and free of dog hair!

How To Remove Dog Hair From Carpet In Car: Simple And Easy Ways

How to remove dog hair from carpet in car

We all love animals. Many of us are dog owners, and we enjoy the company of our hairy friends. We often get our friends for a car ride to the vet, dog park or just to have someone by our side. The problem with most dog breeds is their hair sheds. The hair often gets stuck to the fibers of our cars carpets, seats or trunk floor, and it’s tough to remove.  We often vacuum these places, but without luck, the hairs are still there and stuck to the fibers. That’s why we’ve researched the best methods for removing dog hair from your vehicle. 

Precautions to reduce pet hair

Let’s start with precautions that will help reduce pet hair. List of the things you can do to prevent the mess in your vehicle and home : 

  • Grooming your dog often can help with reducing pet hair ; 
  • Bathing your dog at least once a month can prevent hair from falling, and it also helps keep your dog’s hygiene to an appropriate level ;
  • Vacuum is useful when it’s used regularly, so vacuum your car as often as possible ;
  • Keep a mat or sheet in your car and place it where the dog sits to prevent hair from falling directly on the carpets or seats of the car ;
  •   Another helpful tip is to regularly bring your dog to the vet to monitor your dog’s health and diet ;

If you want to use a cage, here is an example:


Tools to help remove pet hair from car

Tools that may help you with the battle with cleaning the pet hair:

  • Portable vacuum cleaner ;
  • Pet grooming glove ; 
  • Grooming brush ;


Tricks to remove dog hair from car carpet, seats and trunk floors 

There are many tips and tricks on the Internet to remove dog hair from cars, but we have chosen the best: 

The best way to remove dog hair from the carpet of the car

  • Velcro strips can help to collect hair that is stuck in carpets, seats and trunks ;
  • Duct tape is also a practical material to remove the hairs easily ; 
  • Mix fabric softeners and water and spray them on the contaminated areas to loosen and quickly remove the pet’s hair ;

Helpful videos on how to remove dog hair from car: 

How to use a glove groomer on the dog

The glove groomer is a very useful tool not only to surfaces in your car,but on your pets too. Here is a tutorial on how to use a glove groomer :

Dog brushes:




We hope our tips will help you keep your vehicle clean, and your dog happy and healthy. 

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