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Things you need to know before painting wooden floors

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Wood Floor

How to paint wooden floors?

Painting wooden floors can be challenging. The whole process from preparation to the final result is important. We need to know what are the best quality materials for painting. Different types of wood you can paint and the right technique to do it. Painting wooden floors is an extremely interesting and creative thing to do.Wood material is a work of art, and it needs to be treated like one. To make the process easier we’ve researched the most important information you need. Start painting your own floors and create a little piece of art.

Types of paints for wooden floors

We can use wood elements on the inside and outside in our homes. Keeping them fresh, and good-looking can be easy if we know how to do it right. The first thing we need to know is the right types of paint that we are going to use.Paints for internal and external use are different. 


Some of the internal paints are resistant to any kind of conditions.They will create a protective layer on your wooden floors keeping them looking brand new.


External paint is harder,and it’s made to survive the conditions outside. External paint can prevent the wood beneath from being destroyed.


How to prepare a wooden floor for painting

How to remove wood stains

Wood, as we said is a work of art, but it can stain easily. Stains can come from water, heat, dirt, etc. There are a million ways to clean the stains. From stain removers to homemade cleaners. For example, we can try baking soda mixed with water and rub it into the stains. 

Wood paint remover

For paint removal from wood, we did a step-by-step guide for you. First, you need to scrape the old paint, trying not to damage the wood. Then use a damp rag, and put it over the old paint, and put some heat on it. Then you can use paint remover, and finish with sandpaper.

How to prepare a wooden floor for painting:

Varnishing a wooden floor in different wood colors

Most of the wooden floors can be varnished. To start varnishing wooden floors you need to follow certain steps:

  • First you need to sand the floors;
  • Then you need to clean up the surface very well;
  • Tape the sides of the floor that touches the walls to make sure you don’t soil them;
  • Then start painting with high quality materials;
  • After the paint dries you can remove the tape and skirt the sides for beautiful results.

How to varnish a wood floor with roller :

White or color painted wooden floor

Changing the color of the wooden floors is a personal choice.Wooden floors are extremely popular through the years.The most wanted colors are neutral,gray, and white. 

Example of the popular colors:

Painting of laminate flooring

Of course, you can paint laminate floors. The problem is finding the right materials. Painting laminate can be a little harder than wood. It takes more time, money, and hard work. You need to have at least basic skills at painting.

Spray paint for wood

Spray paint is not the best choice for wooden floors. Spray paint can leave stains on the wood. If you decide to re-paint the floor again it can be very hard to remove the spray paint. Our advice is to talk with a professional, before trying to spray paint the wood.


In the end, we can say that painting wooden floors is a creative challenge. We hope our tips helped, and inspired you to start the journey of painting. Don’t forget that every person has artists hidden in them.

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